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Commercial Master Keying Service in Boston

A master key system will allow a property owner to create different keys with varying levels of access. For example, employees might have access to just a few doors, supervisors may have access to more, and security personnel might have access to all. This will enforce access control and improve workflow by removing the need to carry a variety of keys.


Master keying is a way to enforce property access control by enabling certain keys to open only specific doors on a building. This can include a main master key which opens all locks, sub-masters which may open a subset of doors such as utility rooms, and individual keys for each department or leased space.

Effective key management systems consist of logical hardware keying design, access permissions policy, and tracking and storage systems for all the different levels of keys used in large facilities or campus settings. These systems can help businesses avoid wasting money by preventing employees and contractors from changing or sharing keys that will give them unauthorized access to areas of the building or campus.

By working with a commercial master key system, managers and supervisors can restrict employee access to their assigned areas while allowing cleaning staff or security personnel to work throughout the entire property — eliminating the need for them to carry heavy key rings or spend time searching through a pile of keys. This increased security and ease of use makes master keying an excellent option for schools, offices, apartment complexes, or any location with a range of different doors and security clearance levels.

Ease of Use

With a master keying system you can enforce property access control by assigning levels of security clearance to specific keys. This system allows a set of keys to operate a subset of locks in your facility, while another set (the master key) opens every lock. This allows you to assign different levels of access permissions to staff members or security personnel while also making it easy for designated individuals to work with a limited number of keys. This is an excellent option for offices, commercial locations, apartment buildings, and other facilities that need to manage a large number of keys and keyholders.

The best part is that your existing hardware can be used to implement this type of system, so rekeying locks won’t be necessary. Key Rescue Detroit offers expert master keying services for all types of commercial properties at a fair, competitive rate.

Customizable Design

A master key system can be scaled to your property’s needs. Considering the number of users, their level of access and the possibility for staff turnover and building expansions is crucial in determining the size of your system.

Using a master key system you can grant access to rooms, areas, leased apartments or suites, office doors and more. You can even limit access to certain types of locks and still allow them to be opened by a single key.

Our experts will provide you with a detailed plan for the coordination of your property’s locksets to create a hierarchical keying system. From change keys and sub-master keys that open a set of specific locks to great grand master keys that will open all locks on the property, these systems can improve workflow and eliminate the need to carry a variety of keys. Adding a master key system will also save you the expense of replacing or rekeying all your locks when employees are moved or fired.

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